Affectionately known as 'the dinosaur museum' by local pre-schoolers, the Yorkshire Museum is a very popular destination for families.

In the heart of the city is the Yorkshire Museum, a museum that houses a variety of important archaeological, biological and geological collections among other exhibits. The current Jurassic Yorkshire exhibition, opened by Sir David Attenborough no less, is always a hit, with interactive activities and even the chance to feed a dinosaur thanks to the magic of virtual reality. It’s not the biggest museum but it’s a very good size for younger children. Older children with a fascination for all things prehistoric will learn loads through the interactive and hands-on displays.

Good to know – You can download trails for children to follow around the museum and gardens from the Museum’s website. YMT Card holders get in free, as they do to York Castle Museum and York Art Gallery. It's in the Museum Gardens, so why not combine with a picnic, a stroll by the river or a trip to Explore York library or York Art Gallery?


Museum Gardens, Museum Street, York, YO1 7FR

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