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With over 800 years of history and boasting one of the best views in the city, Clifford’s Tower has long been one of the best places to visit in York. English Heritage, keen to conserve the landmark and protect it for future generations, has invested £5 million to completely transform the interior. What now awaits is a remarkable, modern experience that honours the building and brings its stories to life.

Once you've conquered the first set of steps up the hill and entered the building, you'll see a series of staircases and hanging walkways leading up to the top. There’s plenty to see on the way up, from the beautifully restored royal chapel to the royal toilet, built for Henry III! Nothing amuses kids more than an ancient loo, so that’s a big tick for younger visitors. Ten metres from the entrance is a stunning new roof deck with 360-degree views of the city, no doubt set to be the most photographed rooftop view in York. It’s ideal for a big game of I spy: see what you can spot, from boats pootling along the river to the magnificent York Minster.

Good to know – It’s worth considering an English Heritage membership if you think you’ll go back more than once and/or visit other EH sites during the year (Whitby Abbey, Helmsley Castle, Rievaulx Abbey and Scarborough Castle are nearby). There are no toilets (no, you can’t use the royal one!), but the nearest ones are just across the car park in the Coppergate Centre. There’s a charge, but the nearest free ones are on the top floor of Fenwick (Coppergate).



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