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Little Vikings Card offer: 10% discount for any initial consultation via Zoom for card holders. (Please mention at time of booking)


About Laura Hardy Nutrition - ‘I believe in self-care, and prioritising health and wellness before we are forced to make time for illness. After studying biomedicine and nutrition for 3 years, I started practising and helping clients feel their very best selves. I have experienced first hand how the stresses and strains of modern life can wreak havoc with our body's processes. As a registered nutritionist, I dedicate time to get to know you and your lifestyle, to get to the root of your symptoms, and then support your body holistically, without just plastering over isolated symptoms.

I specialise in fatigue, digestive issues, burnout, blood sugar imbalances and hormone disruptions. I personally know how it feels to experience burnout when modern life starts to take its toll on our health and wellbeing. Rushing everywhere, working hard, putting our family first – we can forget to prioritise ourselves sometimes. If this resonates with you and you need a helping hand to feel your very best self again, then I’m here to support you on that journey!

Healthy starts here! Contact me now to arrange a free, no-obligation, 15-minute discovery call to see how I can help you!


​DipCNM mBANT mANP rCNHC rGNC, fully insured'

Terms & Conditions

Offer valid for your initial consultation only

How to redeem

Mention Little Vikings when booking your initial consultation

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