The dramatic abbey ruins and its spectacular grounds are a perfect setting for a great day out in the Yorkshire countryside. Imagine how life would have been for a monk hundreds of years ago, go bird-watching, explore inside one of the many old oak trees, keep your eye out for deer in the old deer park, take a kite or kick a ball about in the ball games area…You’ll run out of steam before you run out of things to do.  It’s a gorgeous day out that’s perfect for a dry day. Wear comfortable shoes, pack a picnic and enjoy a day out full of fresh air and outdoor frolics.

Good to know – There’s not a lot in the way of shelter, so check the forecast to make sure you take the right clothes. There’s an adventure playground near the entrance, but try not to get stuck there because there’s so much else to explore. Special activities and events run during the school holidays – keep your eye on the website for details.


Fountains, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 3DY

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  • 2 December, 2021 5:09 am local time

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