Hoglets run popular storytelling and drama classes for babies and toddlers at various venues in York. Weekly classes include:

  • Story performances – children’s classics and favourite modern authors
  • Fun games
  • Crafts and creation
  • Songs and noisy play
  • Energetic fun

Hoglets classes are designed to build confidence, encourage group play and help towards the key prime areas of learning set out by the Government Early Years Curriculum:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development

Hoglets classes are drama and storytelling adventures, aimed at ages 0-7, and they are now being hosted online. Each session is an imagination firing, energetic, immersive and enchanting experience for little minds. They run 4 sessions a week. beamed live right into your homes. Sessions are running Mon-Weds, are 45mins long and are easy to join. Just click the join button at your chosen time.:

- Mon 1.30pm – Big Hoglets (walking+)
- Tues 9.30am – Little Hoglets (birth-walking)
- Tues 10.15am – Big Hoglets (walking+)
- Weds 10.30am – Big Hoglets (walking+)

Hoglets classes are open to everyone – they know things are difficult for a lot of people, and they’re happy if they can just help make your days a little cherries! If you enjoyed your class and want to help them keep going – you can pay what you feel. Even a couple of pounds helps them to keep these classes open for all.

Class Times & Locations

Online classes during lockdown take place at home! The timetable is as follows:

  • Mon 1.30pm – Big Hoglets (walking+)
  • Tues 9.30am – Little Hoglets (birth-walking)
  • Tues 10.15am – Big Hoglets (walking+)
  • Weds 10.30am – Big Hoglets (walking+)

Outside of lockdown, Hoglets' venues include:

Community Space, Tesco Askham Bar

Knavesmire Children's Centre

Dunnington Reading Rooms

Find the full timetable here


Birth - Four

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