Hoglets has created an interactive online birthday experience for your little ones and their friends to get together, play and party! For each experience, a special character takes the children on an exciting adventure, with energetic games, live crafting, songs, joy and fun! Everything is streamed live into everyone’s homes, and everyone gets to take part. They wrap things up with a group birthday song for your little one, and time for all guests to hang out, interact and be together on your little one’s special day. As one parent recently said, “Different times call for different ideas and this party was such a boost for all our kids!”.

Hoglets Online Birthday Experiences are just £45.

This includes:

- Email party invites to your guests – with private link and instructions on how to join.
- Personalised video message sent to your little one on their birthday.
- The online party experience
- Personalised adventure – games, songs and fun
- Guided craft
- Happy birthday group song
- Open time for friends to be together online
- Virtual crafty party bag emailed to all attendees after the party

Party Themes

- Pirate Training Camp
- Magical Fairy Experience
- Mermaid Adventure
- Dinosaur Hunt
- Space Search
- Or a theme of your choice


All ages

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