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Are you ready for a party experience like no other?
Professional actors and theatre makers Janet and Cassie bring together drama, storytelling, craft and bucket loads of fun to create a party experience that you and your child will never forget. Each party is based on its own adventure using a theme that children love and is totally original. From Superheroes saving the day to getting your flippers on to go on a deep-sea rescue mission, all parties involve interactive play, sensory storytelling, games, problem-solving, and crafts. Story Craft Theatre can deliver a party in any venue so whether it’s at your home, in a hall, or in a field, they’re happy to accommodate.

Age range - Up to 8

Party Themes - Superhero, Under the Sea, Fairytale Kingdom, Space, Dinosaur, Pirates and Mermaid, Spy, Fairy and Unicorn

1-hour party starting from £160 includes:

  • 2 professional actors
  • Craft activity in which all materials are provided
  • Big interactive adventure, packed with characters, games, music, songs and silliness
  • Story craft theatre certificates and stickers
  • Music supplied for the hour


2 hour party starting from £250 includes all of the above plus  . . . . 

  • Giant parachute
  • Pass the parcel (eco-friendly with gifts for each child)
  • Bubble machine
  • Dancing and more games
  • Music supplied for the 2 hours

Get in touch at: hello@storycrafttheatre.co.uk or find out more about our parties: https://www.storycrafttheatre.co.uk/parties/


Party Themes

- Superhero

- Under the Sea

- Fairytale Kingdom

- Space

- Dinosaur

- Pirates and Mermaid

- Spy

- Fairy and Unicorn


Up to 8 years


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