Professional theatre makers Janet and Cassie, believe drama, storytelling and craft are incredibly beneficial for children’s development. They also believe in having lots of fun! So they’ve put all these things together and created an original party experience like no other!!

Each party has its own adventure based on themes that children love and are all totally original. They involve interactive play, sensory storytelling, games, problem-solving, and craft that all tie into the story and help save the day! They can deliver a party in any venue so whether it’s at your home, in a hall, or in a field, they’re happy to accommodate.

Age range - Up to 8

Party Themes - Superhero, Under the Sea, Fairytale Kingdom, Space, Dinosaur, Pirates and Mermaid, Spy, Fairy and Unicorn

1-hour party starting from £160 includes:

  • 2 professional actors
  • Craft activity in which all materials are provided
  • Big interactive adventure, packed with characters, games, music, songs and silliness
  • Story craft theatre certificates and stickers
  • Music supplied for the hour


2 hour party starting from £250 includes all of the above plus  . . . . 

  • Giant parachute
  • Pass the parcel (eco-friendly with gifts for each child)
  • Bubble machine
  • Dancing and more games
  • Music supplied for the 2 hours

For more details go to www.storycrafttheatre.co.uk


Minster Yard, York, UK

Party Themes

- Superhero

- Under the Sea

- Fairytale Kingdom

- Space

- Dinosaur

- Pirates and Mermaid

- Spy

- Fairy and Unicorn


Up to 8 years

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