Actors (and mums), Janet and Cassie, believe drama, storytelling and craft are incredibly beneficial for children’s development, so they’ve put them together and created an original party experience for your child! The adventures for their parties are based on themes that children love and are all totally original. They involve interactive play, sensory storytelling, games, problem-solving and craft that all tie into the story and help save the day! They can deliver a party in any venue so whether it’s at your home, in a hall or in a field, they’re happy to accommodate.

ONLINE PARTIES! Online parties are a fun and engaging way to get together with friends and family. You might fancy a themed party like Superheroes, Spy or even the Magical Kingdom, party centred around a favourite book or school topic or how about a good old quiz with the whole family? Prices start at £55 for one host, £80 for two 🧚‍♀️💃👸🤴

They have a whole selection of their own original stories based on different themes (see below). They are also very happy to create a totally bespoke piece of theatre for special occasions. The key element for them is to create opportunities for children to work together and have fun; and if it’s a birthday, for that child to feel extra special.

Story Craft Theatre are now also offering live performances for special gatherings!! Please drop them a line for more information and to discuss. 

Party Themes

Fairytale Kingdom– The Great Malarkle Sparkle Kingdom needs your
help!!! Travel on a Royal quest and help King Huffle regain his
magical powers. Collect 3 essential items from magical creatures in
order to stop his evil sister from taking over!

Space – Become astronauts and climb aboard a very special rocket. We
are heading to a galaxy far, far away to protect alien life form from
a scientist gone astray. We’ll be landing on planets, going through
wormholes and dodging asteroid showers. It will all be out of this

Pirate – Captain No-Beard desperately needs his treasure returned. Can
you follow his map to a distant island and uncover his precious prize.
Watch out for sea monsters and pirates gone bad.

Dinosaur – Travel back in time and join us on a safari like no other.
We need to collect a very rare egg but have to make sure that we don’t
get trampled in the process.

Fairies and Elves – The Elves have been up to mischief and the Fairy
Queen needs your help! Shrink yourself down and explore the wonders of
the magical garden and all its creatures.

Jungle – Swing through the vines, paddle down the river, and fly
through the canopy of trees on your search for the treasure of the Sun
God. You’ll meet plenty of the jungle’s favourite characters. . .
just watch out for anyone or thing that may stop you on your quest.

Underwater – Take a big breath and put on your flippers because we are
going on a deep-sea rescue mission to help a special crab. Come swim
with the Mermaid and wobble with the Jellyfish on this adventure.

Superhero – There is an evil force threatening to take over the city.
Join us at Hero training academy HQ where you’ll learn all the moves
and skills needed to become a fully fledged totally awesome Super
hero. With your new found powers you’ll be ready to help save the day.

Not the theme your child wants? No worries . . .they can create a totally bespoke party for your child’s birthday based on their specific interests.


All ages


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