Children’s birthday parties at York’s Chocolate Story are a delicious dream come true for children of all ages. You'll get an exclusive group tour of the attraction, plus private evening hire of the Factory Zone for this fantastic celebration of all things sweet.

Enjoy a real party atmosphere and select various additional catering opportunities to suit your requirements and budget, from opting to bring your own cake to the party fondue portions and savoury party tea. Parents are also welcome to bring along their own party food if they would prefer.

Then it’s time to join the friendly chocolatier and get aprons, hairnets and gloves on for a practical 45-minute workshop in the fantastic Chocolate Kitchen. Learn how to mould and decorate chocolate lollypops, experiment with mixing flavours and textures, and make your own personalised truffles.


York's Chocolate Story, 3-4 Kings Square, York YO1 7LD

Party Themes



All ages

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