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Dreamery Gardens (formerly Northwood Trail) is the perfect place for the most magical and memorable party ever! It’s a simple mix – you bring the children and they add the food & the fun (and you never know, perhaps some of our fairy friends might be looking on!).


A Guided Trail tour with story narration as a Fairyland V.I.P

“ …thank you for a wonderful party.. for my daughter's party. It was such a lovely party and you made it so special with the fairy banquet tea, crowning ceremony, party throne and gift. The children really enjoyed their tour of the forest with Rose Brier and the whole experience was truly magical”. Sarah T, July 22

Follow Rose Brier on a guided tour of the Fairy and Hobgoblin trail and listen and enjoy a fairy tale designed for your party. Our stories are tailored to your children's ages and are filled with imagination, magical moments and wishes. Afterwards are games and a fairy tea at the fairy banqueting table.

The fairy parties include:

- Tour with Rose Brier the woodland guardian appointed by the Fairy Council of Britain (professional storyteller and actor)
- Interactive games/activities, music and dancing in the marquee
- Crowning ceremony for the birthday person
- Dedicated proclamation from the Fairy King and Queen
- Gift of notebook, sticker and pen with which to write and keepstories and wishes for the birthday child.
- Fairy banquet tea
- Approximately 2 hours of party experience

Food platters: sandwiches (choice of ham, cheese and jam), carrot and pepper sticks, crisps and a drink.

There's also a 'King Auberon Adventure Quest' option, details available on request.

PLEASE EMAIL Dreamery Gardens' party host rosebriernorthwood@gmail.com.

10 children or less £220
11 - 12 children £19.50 per child
13 - 14 children £18.50 per child
15 - 20 children £18 per child
21 kids or more on request
The above includes 3 adults
The above includes 3 adults

50% non-refundable deposit to secure booking. Reminder 7 days before.

Please e-mail hello@dreamerygardens.co.uk

Dreamery Gardens – England’s Fairy Sanctuary, Buttercrambe Moor Woods, Buttercrambe, York YO41 1AP. 

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