There's a huge selection of birthday party options at the Web Adventure Park in York! All of the party prices (excluding the Easy Peasy Party) are inclusive of the following:

  • Private party room for ½ an hour
  • Personal party host
  • Party invitations
  • Buffet (including cheesy pizzas, garlic bread, mini sausages and selection of ham, cheese and chocolate spread sandwiches and a chocolate muffin for pudding)
  • Sweet bags & juice
  • Free adult entry
  • Adult table reserved for 6 adults
  • Minimum 10 children
  • At least 1½ hours of play time

When you book you'll also have the option to purchase some additional extras including small slush, scoop of Marshfield ice cream, small glitter tattoo, 3 tubs of pick & mix sweets for the party table, adult hot drinks (excluding hot chocolate) and a birthday cake.

Party Themes

Choose from:

- Easy Peasy Party

- Bugtastic Party

- Glow Party

- Animal Petting Party

- Crafty Party

- Make-a-bear Party

- High Ropes Party (7+)

- Dinosaur or Unicorn Party

- Laser Party


All ages

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