The Sooty Show Live at York's Grand Opera House

Sooty Grand Opera House YorkI’ll never forget the rainy Saturday, many decades ago, when my parents announced to us that they’d planned a mystery day out for us. We were beside ourselves with excitement, all four of us squashed in the back of the car (in a way that would definitely be illegal now), trying to work out where we were going. We didn’t recognise the route at all – it wasn’t the usual daytrip to Newby Hall or Castle Howard. When we finally saw the sign, we couldn’t believe our luck: they’d brought us to the World of Sooty Museum! As complete massive fans of the Sooty show, it was the best day out we could imagine. Our parents usually skipped the gift shop when we went anywhere – buying tourist tat for four kids could be expensive – but that day they bought us a Sooty, Sweep or Soo puppet each. I’m sure we’ve all still got them somewhere.

Sooty Grand Opera House YorkSadly the museum shut long ago, but the Sooty Show is still going strong. Matthew Corbett handed over the reins to enthusiastic presenter Richard Cadell a while ago, but Sooty, Sweep and Soo remain just as they’ve always been. They’re as popular as ever, and this year they’re heading out on tour in a show that promises to let you into a wonderful world of magic, mischief and mayhem. You can catch them in York at the Grand Opera House on April 8th; call 0844 871 3024 to book.

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