Get ready to sign up to the Summer Reading Challenge!

If you’ve got school-age kids, you might have noticed that it can be hard to keep them reading during the summer holidays because they quickly forget how exciting reading is and think they’ve got something better to do instead. We’ve got the solution: sign up to the Summer Reading Challenge.
This brilliant initiative never fails to get kids motivated to keep reading over the warmer weeks. This year, the Summer Challenge is celebrating 100 years of Roald Dahl and it kicks off on 16th July. All children aged 5+ are challenged to read 6 books before term starts. They can collect prizes for the books they read, and they’ll get a medal and certificate if they read all six! Under 5s don’t miss out either – sign them up for the mini-challenge to collect a sticker for each book they read. There’ll be lots of events going on, too.
Sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge at Explore York Libraries from 16th July – more information here

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Get ready to sign up to the Summer Reading Challenge! York for Kids


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