The Potions Cauldron is the World’s most magical drinks emporium and serves magic every day on Shambles in York. You can enjoy a potion drink that comes to life if you do the potion spell, a delicious Spellbound Butterscotch Beer, or mix your own slush potion that comes with magical powers.

You can also experience their Potion Experience with a chance to see the Secret Potion room and spend time with a Wizard and learn all about the history of Shambles and the art of potion-making. Grown-up wizards can even get a potion cocktail mixed with the poison of their choice! Find out about the magic at thepotionscauldron.com. The Potions Cauldron is a York must-visit for wizards of all ages on York’s must-visit street.

* Enjoy coffee for £1 if you show your Little Vikings Family Card! *


The Potions Cauldron, 9¾ Shambles, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 7LZ

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