Malton Montessori School offers Montessori Nursery and more recently primary Montessori education in the market town of Malton. Their children's ages spanning from a few months to eleven years.  During the summer, they relocated outside into some nearby meadows in an effort to evade the Coronavirus, a journey that for them had started before lock-down.  They realised that to ensure the safety of their entire community they needed to move everyone outdoors, where any aerosolised virus is dispersed by air currents, and children benefit from the sun and vitamin D.

They were fortunate in so far as additional land was immediately offered by the town's Fitzwilliam Estate (Malton).  Whilst the pandemic has been negative in so many ways, it has offered up rare opportunities to immerse and discover nature, to be adventurous and experience all that community and the seasons have to offer. They set about creating a colourful tented village surrounded by garden allotments, care for the gardens, chickens and rabbits became our focus. Despite the underlying crisis, they gave children respite from lock-down and a summer to remember.

Now autumn is upon us, there is change again, this time in readiness for the colder months.  They use their school buildings as a base and refuge in the case of extreme weather conditions, whilst spending the best of each day outside, enjoying woodland school sessions, creating art and pottery, cooking outside, tending to the allotments and caring for their growing collection of animals, when it rains they dive into their meadow classrooms. These are fully ventilated bell tents equipped for their needs, where they read stories and learn skills that are useful outside. They are determined that COVID-19 will not leave its mark on their community, but out of adversity they will not only draw the strength to adapt but they will also show children that we should not be fearful of change, that it can be both rewarding and life-changing.

The Malton Montessori School open day will be held on Sunday 25th October 2020. For more details and to book your place, call 07514713730 or 01653 696232 or email . Visit maltonmontessorischool.co.uk


Uplands House, Castle Howard Rd, Malton YO17 6NJ

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. Visit maltonmontessorischool.co.uk

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