Review: West End Magic at the Great Yorkshire Fringe

If our 6 year old was writing this review of West End Magic at the Great Yorkshire Fringe, it would go something like this: ‘Amazing. Incredible. Awesome. But how do they DO it?!’. If you’d rather have the adult perspective, here it is: Amazing. Incredible. Awesome. But how do they DO it?!
This slick, funny and energetic one-hour showcase of some of the best magic in the country left us with open jaws and wide eyes. We saw doves appear from nowhere, musical instruments appear, shrink, change colour and disappear, tables levitate and minds being read (or so it seemed). Three magicians share the slot, with each bringing something different to the (levitating) table, from Oliver Tabor’s beautifully choreographed tricks to a classical soundtrack to Oliver Meech’s blend of science, magic and a terrible French accent that had our eldest laughing his head off. Compere Neil Henry’s marvellous mindreading tricks were mindboggling and has us viewing our fellow audience members with great suspicion (were they in on the tricks too?). There’s a fair bit of audience participation which is great fun and nothing humiliating, but worth considering if you’d rather avoid the spotlight (sit towards the back and avert your eyes – it worked for us! And thankfully there were lots of willing volunteers anyway).
There’s nothing better than watching your kids enjoying themselves, so it was lovely to see our eldest getting so much from the show. He wasn’t the only one: there was a whole tent of happy and slightly bamboozled children, all asking their parents how on earth the tricks work. It’s the question we were asked all the way home and right up until bedtime. The answer? It’s magic!

Buy tickets to West End Magic at the Great Yorkshire Fringe

West End Magic is at the Great Yorkshire Fringe on Friday 22nd July, Saturday 23rd July and Sunday 24th July 2016 – buy tickets online or in person at the Box Office bus on Parliament Street.


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