Review: Peppa Pig's Surprise at York's Grand Opera House

PeppashowMy mum used to take us to the theatre a lot when we were little because she loved it and wanted us to, but I remember that one thing always confused me: why did she spend so much time looking at us instead of the action on the stage? Having recently taken my three little ones to Peppa Pig’s Surprise at York’s Grand Opera House, I get it. Nothing on stage is as exhilarating as watching your children having the time of their life. And they did.

We all know that everyone’s favourite pig is a huge hit with pre-schoolers the country over, so I knew our 3 year-old would be thrilled to see her live on stage. What I didn’t expect is that the youngest, who’s a year old and has never seen an episode, would enjoy herself so much too. It was her first trip to the theatre and she was in her element, dancing to the songs, laughing in the right places and spontaneously clapping throughout the show.

This simple story featuring Peppa, George and their friends and family, was pitched perfectly for the audience – I’ve never seen so many young children sit so still and enraptured. The show is refreshingly low-tech, with most of the puppets visibly operated by a tireless, all-singing, all-dancing cast. My eldest (six) was particularly pleased about this, as he spent most of the performance trying to work out how everything was being done and then whispering his theories to me. The biggest surprise for me – other than Peppa Pig’s surprise which I won’t spoil by giving away – was how much he enjoyed the show too, although he probably wouldn’t admit it. But having watched them all smile, laugh and clap their way to the end, there’s not doubt that this is a show for all the family.

You can find more details of where to see Peppa Pig’s Surprise on the website

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