Review: Little Vikings eat pancakes in York at The Double Dutch Pancake House

There are certain foods that have ‘happy family’ written all over them, and pancakes are one. It’s not always easy to find a dish that everyone likes – in our house, there’s just a handful that don’t lead to a meltdown from at least one child – but we’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love pancakes. So we were delighted to head to York’s new independent, family-run pancake eatery, the Double Dutch Pancake House, to see how it stacks up.

The Pancake House itself is a little oasis of Dutch calm in the middle of one of the busiest thoroughfares in York. The décor is simple and stylish and the staff are really welcoming, not batting an eyelid at our rowdy rabble of kids high as kites from an adventure earlier that day. We sat at a lovely table in the window where we could watch the shoppers go by and check out the menu.

If you think ‘lemon and sugar’ when you think of pancakes, this is a menu that’s going to open your eyes and make your mouth water. You’ll find breakfast ones (with fromage frais, honey and berry compote or bacon, mushrooms, chorizo and Edam), savoury ones (including the Smokey Dutch with smoked chicken breast, onions, sweetcorn and Edam and the Farm House with market mushrooms, onions, sliced tomato and Edam). Hungry? Feast on the Full Dutch – bacon, ham, chicken, salami, mushrooms, sweetcorn, sweet peppers, onions, tomatoes and Edam – or its lighter veggie version. If you’re one of those rare people who isn’t keen on pancakes, don’t panic. There are also open sandwiches and a few other batter-free options. If you need something gluten-free or vegan, you won’t miss out either.

Children can choose a savoury or sweet pancake with any two toppings and a drink for £4.95. Kids being kids – and despite it being lunch time – our children went for the sweet option, and came up with the dentist-worrying combination of Nutella and maple syrup with a side of mini marshmallows. The adults opted for the slightly more sensible, but no less delicious, veggie Dutch.

All of the dishes arrived within minutes, having been cooked in the open kitchen next to the table; perfect for impatient, hungry children. The kids’ pancakes were served on traditional blue and white Dutch crockery with the sweet toppings on the side so they could add them themselves – a great idea until they start spooning Nutella straight into their mouths instead of putting it onto the pancake…The pancakes themselves were delicious – thin, tasty and really fresh. We enjoyed everything we ate and left clean plates all round. The batter’s a secret recipe and it’s one we’d like for our own kitchen. But for as long as it stays a secret, we’ve got a great excuse to return to the Double Dutch Pancake House. And we will.

 Double Dutch Pancake House, 7 Church Street, York YO1 8BG

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