New kids’ parties at the Yorkshire Museum and York Castle Museum!

kids' birthday parties YorkHundreds of panicking parents people visit our website every month to read our guide to children’s birthday parties in York. In fact it’s one of our most popular features and we know why: with three small children ourselves, we completely understand the stress of trying to think of fun and interesting ways to celebrate another candle on the cake. Once your kids are at school, you can easily find yourselves at the same (lovely) venues a few times a year, so it’s exciting when something new comes on the scene.

What could be more exciting that having your birthday party in one of York’s best-loved attractions? Kids love York Castle Museum and the Yorkshire Museum, and now they can have their birthday party there too. Each venue has a different theme:

Dinosaurs at the Yorkshire Museum: kids can join an explorer searching for strange and mysterious huge beasts that he believes are out lurking in his midst.

Toys at York Castle Museum: party-goers will help a museum worker looking to prove that the toys come alive at night once the visitors have gone home.

Both parties take children on an exciting quest to find clues, and there’ll be some great activities like the chance to handle some of the museums’ more child friendly objects like dinosaur poo (delightful!) and some fantastic toys. And of course, like every good party, there’ll be games and the chance to enjoy party food and the all-important cake. Themed invitations, decorations, an outfit for the birthday boy or girl and a visit to the whole museum following the party are also included. The parties are available all year around and start from £150 for ten children and ten adults. Food and party bags can be arranged separately.

We think they sound fab and reckon they’ll book up quickly (if there’s one thing we’ve learnt during this parenting lark, it’s to book early). We’re lucky enough to have been asked to try the Castle Museum toy party out for ourselves in December, so we’ll report back!

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