A new John Lewis for York: What’s in it for kids?

John Lewis YorkSo when are you going to head across to the new John Lewis? Are you in the can’t-wait-going-to-get-there-when-the-doors-open camp or the traffic-will-be-a-NIGHTMARE-I’m-waiting-a-month camp? My head tells me to wait but my heart says I’ll be queuing with everyone else on the gleaming new escalators before the week is out.

Curious to find out whether it would be worth the effort, I decided to get in touch with John Lewis to discover what parents have got to look forward to in the new store. Starting outside the store, I’m delighted to hear there are almost 40 parent and child spaces (out of a total of 1,340). On another practical note, there is a large baby feeding and changing area and a parent and child loo. If you want to heat a bottle, that won’t be a problem either. No need to worry if you’ve got a fussy eater (and who hasn’t?); there’s a great selection of children’s food at the Place to Eat, and children can also have portions of adult meals. Organic baby food is also available.

John Lewis YorkAs for the stock, well there will be a very wide range of products for children and their parents. The nursery department will include everything you’d need for your baby’s nursery as well as buggies, high chairs and so on. There will also be toys, games, clothes and equipment for babies and children of all ages. What are you waiting for? Race you to one of those parent and child parking spaces!

John Lewis opens in York on 10 April 2014 – John Lewis, Unit C, Vangarde Way, York YO32 9AE

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