Mmm, pancakes! Sam Stern's US-Style pancake recipe

Sam Stern's US style pancake recipe - Little VikingsWe do love a pancake in our household, so we’ll definitely be dusting off the frying pan when Shrove Tuesday rolls around next week. Traditionalists will be horrified, but we generally make batches of scotch pancakes or American-style pancakes rather than the usual thin, crepe-like version. They’re easier to get right, are easier for the kids to eat (usually with their hands, obviously…) and taste fab. Here’s Sam Stern’s recipe for US-style pancakes; a bit more effort than the usual ones but really delicious. The choice of toppings is all yours.

US-Style Pancakes


110g/4oz plain flour

10g/1/2 oz caster sugar

Pinch of salt

2 tsps baking powder

2 large eggs, separated

150ml/1/2 pint milk

50g/2oz melted butter

Extra melted butter

1. Sift the flour, sugar, salt, baking powder into a large bowl.

2. Beat egg yolks, milk butter in another. Then beat very slowly into the dry ingredients, using a balloon whisk or wooden spoon for a smooth batter.

3. Whisk the egg whites until they’re stiff, using a grease-free whisk. Then lightly fold into the batter with a large metal spoon.

4. Brush with a large heated frying pan with melted butter.

5. Drop individual tablespoons of mixture into the pan, leaving room for expansion. Cook until the base browns and bubbles appear on the surface (1-2 minutes). Cook until golden.

Sam Stern is a York cook and author of six bestselling cookery books.





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