Little Vikings try Love Community Acupuncture

It’s dark and cold, so it’d be easy to feel pretty gloomy as the year kicks off. Although it’s tempting to rely on tea and cake to see us through to the lighter months, I drop into York’s first multi-bed community acupuncture clinic for a bit of extra zing when I’m flagging.

I’ve been an acupuncture convert for a few years, having used it for various pregnancy-related things with great success. It’s now my go-to therapy for specific ailments or if I just want to give my immune system a boost (vital with three kids bringing home new germs all the time). I first tried the multibed acupuncture clinic at Briar House, Museum Street over the road from the Museum Gardens, when it opened a year ago and I’ve been a regular ever since.

The idea’s simple: a small number of patients are treated in the same room by two highly trained acupuncturists. The trade-off for the reduction in privacy is a hugely reduced fee (just £15 for a 45 minute session; really good value). Having only ever had private treatments, I wondered initially if I’d feel embarrassed or inhibited in a room of other patients, but it was a lovely experience.

Karen, who runs the clinic as a not-for-profit venture, has created a warm and relaxing atmosphere where I always feel at ease. The treatment starts with a chat with Karen or Adam, the two acupuncturists in the clinic, about what’s been going on, and any specific symptoms that need treating, and then it’s time for them to work their magic with the needles. Then it’s 20 minutes to relax before skipping out onto the street feeling energised, ready for the day ahead. Try it and see what you think.

The clinic runs on Fridays from Briar House, Museum Street, York YO1 7DN. For more details and to book online visit

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