Little Vikings try…a family photoshoot with Essens Photography

Essens Photography YorkHow many photos do you have on your phone? At the last count, mine was groaning under the weight of an incredible 55,000 images. Most of them are of the kids, lots of them are rubbish and none of them are ever printed out.

So that’s why we jumped at the offer of a mini photoshoot with York-based photographer Amy from Essens Photography. The prospect of some quality pictures of the kids taken by someone who knows what they’re doing, and definitely won’t put their finger in front of the lens, really appealed. We’d seen the lovely pictures that Amy had done for a friend and loved the idea of natural, unposed shots in our usual surroundings – a nice contrast to the more formal school and nursery photos we seem to be collecting.

Essens Photography YorkMy only concern was how the children would take to it – they’re not usually keen on being photographed and can be shy with people they don’t know: not a great combination. Luckily they took to Amy straight away, despite being tired after a busy Saturday morning’s dancing. It’s no surprise that she has children herself: she knows exactly how to get them to relax. The whole experience was short and sweet: we went for a wander nearby, the kids went up and down on their bikes in our alley and Amy took photos of them pottering about without them really realising. It was fun and informal and over before we knew it, leaving us to get on with the rest of the day.

I wondered if Amy had really had a chance to take enough photos to get a selection of the children looking okay, but I needn’t have worried: within a day she sent through a link to some gorgeous shots of the children at their best. We’ve now got a lovely selection of portraits and action shots of them looking happy, relaxed and at home. Amy also does newborn photography at home, but unfortunately we missed the boat on that one. The pictures are lovely and so much better than anything else we have. This time, for once, we’re definitely going to print them out.

For more details about Essens Photography, visit the website or call Amy on 07859 058083.

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