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Little Vikings introduces…birthday parties at Everyman York

Planning a birthday party can be daunting (especially if, like ours, your children keep changing their minds about what they’d like). We’re pretty confident, though, that little fans of the big screen will enjoy what Everyman York has to offer for parties. The newest addition to the York cinema scene has become one of the most stylish and luxurious places to hang out and, if they’ve been very good, then your birthday boy or girl can be the star of their own party. The smallest – let’s call it bijou – screen seats 22 people, making it an ideal size for a group. We’ve been to various events with friends there and it’s a lovely size. You can either just hire the screen or add pizza and burgers into the deal. Finishing it off with an Everyman sundae is the icing on the (birthday) cake! To find out more about birthday parties at Everyman York, email events.york@everymangroup.com, call 0203 145 0502 or visit the Everyman website.

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