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Kick off the summer holidays with The Little Vikings Magical Hunt!

Little Vikings Magical Hunt with The Wizards Magic

Celebrate the official start of the summer holidays with a chocolate hunt! We’ve teamed up with York-based chocolate company, The Wizards Magic, to hide 100 bars of chocolate in family-friendly businesses across York for you to find!

Taking place on Saturday 24th July 2021, it’s a free event for anyone who likes chocolate. Much as we’d love to tell you where the bars will be, that would take out all the fun. Turn on your chocolate radar or wave your magic wand to be shown the way. If your magic doesn’t seem to be working, keep an eye on the Little Vikings Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds for clues about where you might be able to get your hands on some chocolatey treasure! There are only 10 bars per venue so you’ll need to be quick, and don’t forget to say the magic word (‘The Magic Vikings’) to take home the bounty.

The small print

This is a fun event that’s free to take part in. It’s taking place at businesses across York on 24th July 2021 and you’ll need to follow Little Vikings on social media for clues as to where the chocolate bars are hidden. Please ask a member of staff at the venue for your bar using the magic words. There are only 10 bars per venue, so you will need to be quick as they will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis. One bar per family group only – it’s good to share! Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Please check the packaging for allergen information and only eat the chocolate if you aren’t allergic to the ingredients.

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