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Coming soon – That JORVIK Thing (JORVIK Viking Festival 2021)

JORVIK Viking Festival 2021

February half-term in York is synonymous with the JORVIK Viking Festival, and normally you can’t walk down the street without bumping into a warrior or tradesperson. But there’s little that’s normal about the way things are, so for 2021 the annual JORVIK Viking Festival will take place entirely online.

JORVIK Viking festival 2021

In Viking times, a ‘Thing’ was a gathering; a place where leaders and warriors could meet and talk.  In the 21st century, the term ‘Thing’ is used around the world when Viking academics come together to share knowledge.  That JORVIK Viking Thing will run online from 15th to 20th February 2021, and there’ll be plenty for experts and novices alike to enjoy. Highlights will include:

·         A live-streamed Evening with Einar Selvik, the Nordic folk musician who created the soundtrack for the TV series Vikings and the new Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla computer game.  Einar is joining us during an incredibly busy time, promoting the release of his band Wardruna’s latest album

·         A remarkable virtual visit to JORVIK Viking Centre’s recreation of Viking-age Coppergate.  Join Arnor on one of the time capsules for a 360-degree tour.  The only thing missing is the smells!

·         A horde of new video clips where you can Meet The Vikings and find out more about their skills and lives

·         Each day, a new chapter of a famous Viking saga

·         JORVIKanory – with children’s authors reading extracts from their Norse-themed books

·         The Richard Hall Symposium, delivered online for the first time

And much, much more.  Most of the content is completely free to access, but there’s a charge for some of the premium live-streamed events. Please keep checking back to see when tickets are released!

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