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Introducing Hynobirthing in York

If we believe what we see in the movies, the only way to give birth is lying on your back on a hospital bed, screaming the roof off. Luckily that doesn’t have to be the case, and hypnobirthing is a brilliant way to give yourself the best chance of a calm, stress-free labour. I did a hypnobirthing course before my first baby was born and found it invaluable. Two more babies on, and I’ve only ever had positive, relaxed birth experiences.  While nothing comes with guarantees, it’s certainly worth a try.

In York, Hypnobirthing for Modern Mothers is a comprehensive course for mums-to-be (whether you’re expecting your first or fourth!) and will give you lots of tips and techniques so you can approach your due date with confidence. Classes take place on Tadcaster Road and run throughout the year. Find out more about the classes here. And if you mention Little Vikings, you’ll get a £30 discount!

Find out more about Hynobirthing in York for Modern Mothers here

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