Free online course for parents in York: Supporting children’s resilience during Covid-19

There’s no rulebook for how to support our children during these very unsettling times, so we’re really pleased about the launch of a new, free online course for parents that should help manage the uncertainty. Supporting Your Child’s Emotional Resilience During Covid-19 is a course from York-based Brightsparks and it launches on 29th April 2020. The aim of this course is to help parents and caregivers to understand and develop emotional resilience for you and your family.

Course content

The FREE 2 hour online course is designed to support parents of children aged 4-11 years during this time. You will:

– Gain the techniques and skills for supporting your children to improve their mental strength and wellbeing

– Understand how to help children build and strengthen their resilience

– Enhance children’s relationships with each other, and with significant adults in their lives

– Feel able to support your children to develop general coping skills and mechanisms that help your child with common challenges of everyday life

– Support children to adapt to transitions, changes and pressures from school

– Support children to adapt to issues and change in the home environment

– Improve parent self-confidence

– Improve your understanding of the pressures of adolescence (child development ages and stages)

– Identify the early signs of mental health issues

– Reduce parental stress

– Improve parent-child relationship

– Gain practical support strategies and interventions, signposting and guidance will be given to help learners to feel confident in encouraging and maintaining positive mental health and building emotional resilience in children and young people.

Course Format

This will be an on-demand course which you can complete in your own time and all materials will be available from the 29th April – 29th May. The course will consist of recorded lectures, presentation slides and interactive questions. A resource list is also provided which you can access or download to review in your own time. To complete the course it should take about 2 hours, but you can start and finish it at anytime over this period. The course will end at 11am on the 29th May with a 1 hour live Q&A with the course tutors where you can ask specific questions.

How to access the course

We’ve already registered our interest in the course because we think it sounds really valuable. You can register your interest in the course now through the Brightsparks website, and sign up soon.

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