Could you be the voice of Clifford’s Tower? York residents asked to bring the story to life

Cliffords Tower York

Could you be the voice of Clifford’s Tower? As part of a major project at one of York’s most important historic sites, English Heritage, the charity responsible for the tower has issued an open call for five local residents with distinctive voices to audition to become the voices of five fictional characters from the history of the tower. Those whose voices are chosen will help English Heritage recreate the sounds of five different periods in the tower’s history as part of innovative new on-site interpretation for visitors to the tower, set to be installed in time for the site to reopen to the public this summer.

Anyone interested in taking part is invited to submit a one minute audition recording – captured at home via their smartphone or computer – before 31 January, recreating the voice of one of five fictional characters of varying ages created to tell the stories of events associated with the tower.

Characters & how to apply

Clifords Tower Voices

York residents are invited to apply to read one of five characters from Clifford’s Tower’s history:

·         Edid (21 years old) – Edid remembers when William the Conqueror first came to York. She has witnessed the Harrowing of the North and the creation of Clifford’s Tower.

·         Elias (27 years old) – Elias’ Jewish family members were present during the Massacre of 1189. He recounts his horror at the events of this time.

·         Edward (40 years old) – A cheerful and mischievous builder with a love of York, Edward helped repair the castle during the reign of Richard III.

·         Eleanor (9 years old) – A curious and lively girl, Eleanor recalls the blowing up of the Tower in the late 17th century, leaving parts of its walls coloured pink.

·         Elizabeth (33 years old) – Elizabeth was a Victorian amateur historian who was obsessed with the “old Castle”. She describes life in York as the railway arrives and tourism starts to boom.

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