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The Little Yorkshire Dance Academy - Magical, creative performing arts classes for little people across Yorkshire!

Mini Movers: A forty-minute magical class focusing on fun, gaining confidence and developing strength through balance and coordination. Encouraging imagination and a love for dance using a variety of music and props. Aimed at both adult and toddler, to bond and have fun whilst learning something new together! From mobile to 2.5 years

Pre-School Performers: This class is our next class up for your little people. A 40 minute class enhancing imagination and physical development through dance. Children explore a variety of movement, rhythm and basic ballet steps. Your child will gain confidence whilst making new friends in a fun filled environment. From 2.5 years to pre-school 

Each pupil will receive a delicious snack from Rumble Snacks after their class!

You can book onto your trial by visiting the website - https://thelittleyorkshiredanceacademy.class4kids.co.uk/

Contact Joanna for more details on:
Email: Hello@thelittleyorkshiredanceacademy.co.uk
Tel: 07969 205806
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thelittleyorkshiredanceacademy

Class Times & Locations

Visit the website for the latest timetable -https://thelittleyorkshiredanceacademy.class4kids.co.uk

Summer sessions - The Little Yorkshire Dance Academy is running summer sessions, a range of pay-as-you-go classes. Themes include 'a seaside adventure with Story Craft Theatre and A Royal Party dance session.


From mobile little ones to pre-school


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