Beer and Bread at Fountains Abbey

Most dads (indeed, most humans) love bread, and a fair few of them have a soft spot for beer, too. So Fountains Abbey might just have the ideal event for Father’s Day weekend: Beer and Bread.

Fountains Abbey is collaborating with Leeds Indie Food to celebrate how beer and bread are made and enjoyed today. Beer and Bread will be a day time event, featuring local street food, breweries and bakeries, as well as family games in the orchard and have-a-go-with-dough with Café 164.

You can learn about the history of the mill too: explore it at your own pace or join a free tour of the ruined monastic brewhouse and bakehouse to learn all about the industrious Cistercian monks.

What’s on and who’s coming?

There’ll be a chance to learn about the history of the Mill, take a tour of the monastic brewhouse and bakehouse, and have a go with dough. Check out some of the people coming below and check back in to see who else will be making an appearance.

Bad Seed Brewery, 15-16 June

Bad Seed brewery started out simply as two guys who loved beer and wanted to have a go brewing their own. They started developing their own recipes using a range of high quality ingredients and they tasted so good that they soon opened their own microbrewery based in Malton. They turned the town into a beacon for hand crafted, full flavour beers, including classic American IPAs and more interesting flavours like Rhubarb Crumble.

Los Antojitos, 22-23 June

This vegan Mexican style pop up makes hand-pressed corn tortillas, piling them high with a range of flavoursome food including BBQ Sweet Potato and Red Cabbage slaw, Seitan de Barbecoa Estilo Yucatan and Refried Pinto beans.

Sela Bar Pizza bus,15-16 June

Possibly the world’s most popular form of bread, this pizza is served from a 1996 Mercedes Vario. The Pizza Bus tours the country serving hand pulled pizza, including favourites truffle mushroom and chorizo.

Luigi Street Food, 22-23 June

Head over to Luigi’s where you can tuck into a range of fresh Italian food specialities. Cooked in small batches sample handmade pasta, bruschetta and other Italian delicacies full to bursting with flavour.

Doh Hut, 15-16 June

Do you like your dough savoury or sweet? Hand’s up for sweet! Doh Hut’s doughnuts are so good they won British Street Food of the Year award in 2018 with a large range of flavours to choose from. Flavours include the Creme Brûlée, which is a dough nut filled crème patissiere, which has torched caster sugar on top to create a caramel snap.

Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden – 15th to 16th June and 22nd to 23rd June – Visit the Fountains Abbey website for more details


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