Introducing our new Little Vikings badges!

We’ve long suspected that the children of York are awesome, and now’s their chance to prove it. Our new Little Vikings badges give kids the chance to tell us what brilliant things they’ve been up to and to win a badge for their efforts. There are six Little Vikings badges to collect and here’s are some ideas of what you can do to win your badge. 

Apply for a Little Vikings Badge

Blue badge – Reading

Tell us about a book that you’ve read and what you thought about it! If you’re too little to write to us yourself, tell your grown-up what you thought about a book and ask them to let us know.

Red badge – Cooking

Send us a photo of something delicious that you’ve made, and tell us how it tasted. We’d love to hear about your coking achievements.

Yellow badge – Sport

Tell us about your sporting achievements, whether it’s getting your 5m swimming badge, doing Junior Parkrun, learning to ride your bike or embarking on a junior triathlon.

Green badge – Outdoor adventures

Have you planted something and watched it grow, built a den, helped your parents with the allotment? Tell us about your outdoor achievements.

Silver badge – STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

Have you done a great experiment, made something awesome, tried your hand at coding or done anything else that shows off your science, technology, maths or engineering skills?

Purple badge - Creative

Whether you’ve been putting on a play, doing well in your dance lessons, getting arty at home, learning a new language or making something brilliant, tell us all about it.

Apply for a Little Vikings Badge

Little Vikings Badges - The lowdown

What’s the age range?

Anyone up to the age of eleven can apply (with help from a grown-up if needed)

Does it cost anything?

No, the badges are our way of saying well done!

Can I get my class involved?

Of course! We’re happy for whole school classes to get involved - you’ll even get a class certificate for your efforts!

How will I get my badge?

We’ll put it in the post for you

Can I collect them all?


How do I apply?

Complete the form here telling us what you’ve done and why you deserve your badge. Give us as much detail as you can.