A Virtual Tour of York

York TourismIf you’re keen to find out more about York but don’t want to join one of the many walking tours and can’t face lugging a guidebook around all day, there’s a solution. The City of York Council has created a virtual tour of York specifically for the iPhone generation. For £2.99, the city will be brought to life for you by 22 holograms in period costumes. There are no lengthy lectures or lists of period detail, just a couple of minutes of engaging, exciting insights to how the city used to be. You can even have your photo taken with the holograms. It’s ideal for families with children who don’t have the patience for a long guided tour and perfect for teenagers who can’t be parted from their phones for too long. A virtual hit.

The City of York Hologram Tour is available for the iPhone from the App Store for free; an in-app purchase for £2.99 unlocks all the holograms. A version for Android will be available on Google Play shortly.

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